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Wireless Internet

    Stable Wireless Internet Over Licensed Spectrum

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Connect to Neotel’s stable, managed wireless technologies for fast internet

Neotel uses various technologies including WIMAX and LTE in different areas to deliver cost-effective internet services. NeoBroadBand Services are delivered wirelessly over Neotel’s private licensed wireless spectrum which ensures a managed stable internet experience.

  • Low Subscription Fees
  • No Landline Required
  • Quick to Install
  • Low 25:1 Contention Ratios
  • Add Voice Services
  • Perfect for Home Users & SME’s
  • ADSL Replacement

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Enjoy Faster Speeds with Lower Contention Ratios

Enjoy an all round better internet experience

NeoBroadband Wireless– A Premium Fixed-Wireless Broadband Solution

Get an unparalleled internet experience for home or business use looking for a wireless, uncapped solution with speeds of up to 10Mbps. Neo Broadband Wireless is easy to install and our rapid turnaround means that you’ll be online in no time. You’ll also be able to upgrade or downgrade depending on your specific business needs.

Mobile users: Swipe left on the table to see pricing.

Access Speeds Download/Upload Installation Fee Vat Incl Monthly Subscription Vat Incl
1Mbps Uncapped 1024kbps/576kbps R500.00 R499.00
2Mbps Uncapped 2048kbps/600kbps R500.00 R699.00
4Mbps Uncapped 4096kbps/1300kbps R500.00 R999.00
6Mbps Uncapped 6072kbps/2000kbps R500.00 R1199.00
8Mbps Uncapped 8192kbps/2700kbps R500.00 R1499.00
10Mbps Uncapped 10240kbps/3400kbps R500.00 R1799.00
5Mbps 5GB 5GB (OOB 11.5c) R500.00 R299.00
5Mbps 15GB 15GB (OOB 11.5c) R500.00 R499.00
5Mbps 25GB 25GB (OOB 11.5c) R500.00 R599.00
5Mbps 35GB 35GB (OOB 11.5c) R500.00 R699.00
5Mbps 45GB 45GB (OOB 11.5c) R500.00 R799.00
* Line of Site required on installation. FUP (Fair Usage Policy) applies to uncapped data packages. FUP allows for 100GB / Mb of speed. Thereafter, the speed will be throttled by 50%. Out of bundle rate of 11.5c/Mb applies to capped packages once bundle has been depleted.

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Contract Term

All NeoBroadBand services are 24 month contracts and subject to credit vetting. You can upgrade or downgrade the services as you need but this will involve starting the 24 month period again.

25:1 Contention Ratio

NeoBroadBand Wireless has a 25:1 Contention Ratio and are best effort services. This means that you could be sharing your connection with up to 25 users in your area at a single time. Neotel will not put more than 25 connections on this service. If you compare that to ADSL which is anywhere from 50:1 or even 200:1 contention ratio you will see that a lower contention will improve your ultimate quality of service.

CPE Hardware

All NeoBroadBand services require CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). Neotel will install an enclosed outdoor antennae and router at the customer’s premises to ensure the best possible signal quality. Neotel will manage the equipment and installation process to ensure an enhanced customer experience.

Line of Sight (LOS)

All NeoBroadBand services require adequate line of sight (LOS) or Signal Strength for the service to be delivered. Even though your premises may be covered on the Neo Coverage Maps it does not guarantee that the service can be delivered. The LOS test is done on installation and all installations are subject to this LOS test. If there ends up being a problem with LOS the product will not be activated and you will not pay anything. DSL Telecom will assist in finding an alternative solution for you should there be no LOS.

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