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Uncapped Voice

    Unlimited talk time at a fixed monthly rate

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Vox Unapped Voice Services

Take advantage of unlimited outbound calls

Drive Down Your Business Telephony Spend With Vox Uncapped Voice Packages

Vox Telecom’s uncapped voice is a complete business voice solution providing customers the ability to make an unlimited amount of voice calls and only be charged per number of concurrent calls required per site (In increments of 5,10 or 15).

  • Make Voice Calls Over The Internet
  • Predictable Voice Spend
  • Unlimited Calls To All SA & Popular International Destinations
  • Pay Per Concurrent Call In Increments Of 5, 10 Or 15
  • A Comprehensive SLA
  • Port To The Vox Network And Keep Your Existing Line Number/s
  • Carrier Grade Voice Network
  • Facilitates SIP Connectivity Directly To Compatible PBXs

Vox Uncapped Voice Pricing

Concurrent Calls (Outbound) Concurrent Calls (Inbound) Monthly Price Incl VAT Voice Network
5 5 R1 493.85 Vox Telecom
10 10 R3 586.85 Vox Telecom
15 25 R7 473.85 Vox Telecom

Download Included International Destinations

Slash Your Phone Bill

Vox has ‘unblocked’ and therefore ‘included’ popular international destinations that are billed at zero rate. You can still call ‘blocked’ or excluded destinations but they will be billable at the country applicable rate.

Uncapped Voice F.A.Q’s

How does VOIP work?

VoIP uses IP protocols or data packets to transmit voice signals between users much in the way normal data like an image, video or e-mail gets sent via the web between users.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes. You will need an active, stable uncontended internet connection. The faster your connection the better your voice clarity will be.

How many voice channels do I get?

You can choose between 5, 10 or 15 outbound channels. You will also get the same amount of inbound voice channels. For example: if you select an outbound 5 package you will have 5 concurrent channels for calling out (outbound) and an additional 5 channels for inbound (receiving calls).

Can I upgrade my existing package?

Yes. You will need to cancel your existing package and contract for the next highest package.

Can I downgrade my existing package?

No, downgrading is unfortunately not permitted.

Can I use these packages for my outbound call centre?

No, all outbound call centres are excluded. Only one package per site is permitted. (Multiple packages & sharing of packages is not permitted)

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, new regulations allow you as a customer to own your number and take it with you to any network you choose. The number porting process is seamless. If you move premises just plug your equipment in on your network at your new offices and your number will register.

What is the voice quality like?

Provided you have the correct bandwidth and hardware the voice quality is superb and is audibly better than even an analogue call.

Can I use Uncapped Voice with my existing PBX?

Yes. If your PBX is incompatible, a gateway will be provided.

Will I receive support?

Yes. Vox Telecom offers a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA), with guaranteed response times across the country. Support is available 24/7/365.

What SA destinations are included in the uncapped voice package?

All local, national and cellular calls to all networks within South Africa are included.

What international destinations are included in the uncapped voice package?

Popular international destinations are included. Please see call destination list above.

Our customers include professional companies across multiple industry sectors in South Africa


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