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STEP 1: Watch Training Videos


User Features Videos

Your DSL Telecom technician will run through the basic features of the system listed below with you in person during your training on the phone system. You can also access the User Features Videos and also the Phones Videos to become more familiar with using the system.

1. Making an outbound call
2. Making an internal call
3. Receiving an incoming external or internal call
4. Putting a customer on hold
5. Blind Transfer
6. Attended Transfer
7. Call Pick-Up
8. Call Parking
9. Conference Rooms
10. Call Forwarding
11. Check Voicemail

You can also download the following helpful manuals:
• Basic User Features Manual – Download PDF
• Advanced User Features Manual – Download PDF
• Applications manual – Download PDF
• Extension Form Template – Download PDF

Watch Features Videos Watch Phones Videos

STEP 2: Register on Support Portal


Register on Support Portal

The DSL Telecom customer support portal is a user friendly customer interface where you can log tickets with DSL Telecom support and track your interactions with DSL Telecom. You are also able to find links to all of the following self-help customer portals:

Vox Telecom
Fax Portal
TMS Portal
DSL Telecom Solutions

Please familiarise yourself with these portals as they are the best way to get help if you may need it. Ensure you also download the remote support software via the support portal onto your PC, this will allow us too safely and securely service you remotely.

Navigate to Support Portal

STEP 3: Read the FAQ’s

How does billing work with DSL Telecom?

Your Value Added Services which include your monthly service level agreement fee (SLA), your monthly telephone management service fee (TMS) and your professional voice recordings (PVR) is debited automatically from DSL Telecom on or before the 1st day of every month. The monthly services become active on installation of your physical phone system and the first payment will be deducted on or before the first of the upcoming month.The first debit will also be double debit which covers the set-up fee and also ensures that service is not disrupted should there be any payment challenges in future.

How does billing work with Neotel?

If you have a business fibre, microwave or voice product from Neotel, Neotel will bill you directly via debit order for the product from the time when the service is delivered to your premises. (ie a Neotel point on the wall). The onus is then on you the client to connect the Neotel service to your internal network (LAN). This may involve the specialised skill set of your IT person but in most cases DSL Telecom can help connect the service to your LAN. Your first bill may be quite high as it includes your NRC (Non-recurring installation cost) as well as your MRC (Monthly recurring cost) upfront for the coming month and any pro-rated MRC (monthly recurring cost) for the previous month if applicable.

How does billing work with Vox Telecom?

If you have opted to take connectivity from Vox Telecom (VoIP, Internet, E-mail, Fax or Hosting) an additional debit order will come off on the 1st, 15th or 25th of the month directly billed from Vox Telecom. Cash/EFT accounts become due on the 1st and are payable before the 5th of the month.The amount due is payable directly to Vox Telecom on or before this date to avoid suspension of services.

When is my final payment for my Phone System due?

Once DSL Telecom has physically delivered the hardware to your premises you as the client take ownership of the stock and therefore payment becomes due on this date. There are many factors that may hinder the solution being fully complete such as number porting, changes in connectivity and fibre installation lead times, please do not let this postpone final payment for the hardware

If I have Vox VoIP can my voice service get capped?

Yes. Your Vox VoIP service comes with a default call limit of R1500.00pm. This resets to zero on the 1st of each month. You can always top this up if you hit your call limit during the month but this can be a hassle. We suggest that if you expect that you will call more than this amount during any month that you send an e-mail now to with a limit increase request and the amount you would like to raise this limit to

My first bill seems a lot higher than I was quoted?

Subscription services (Internet, Cloud Services, Line Rental, SLA’s etc.) are billed upfront for the month. Usage based services including pay as you use ADSL, mobile data and voice usage is billed in arrears. If a service has been activated mid-month e.g. 14th June you will also get a pro-rated charge on your bill from the 14th June-30th June, your new subscription upfront for July will then activate on the 1st July making your first bill that you receive on the 1st June look higher than it would be for a normal month. There may also be once off set-up or installation fees which will make your first month’s bill higher than usual.

When does my Vox ADSL Data reset?

Most Vox adsl accounts reset on the 1st of each month. If you feel you may run out of data during the month you can always top-up your own internet by logging into your Vox Telecom account (see customer support portal). Alternatively contact your local branch and we can get you surfing in no time.

Who provides my support?

1st level support is provided by your local DSL Telecom Agency, product support can be logged telephonically or via e-mail to the local agency. 2nd level support is supplied by DSL Telecom head office. If you need to log a support ticket please e-mail your agent or alternatively log a ticket to Support on internet and voice services can be logged directly to the service provider as well.

Who is responsible for my network security?

As the owner of your network you are ultimately responsible for the security of your network and liable should there be any security breach. DSL Telecom employs international best practice when it comes to the security of your phone system by applying operating procedures of the highest standards, implementing advanced firewalls, and practicing strong password protection to adequately secure your phone system on installation. SLA agreements allow us to keep you updated on the latest security advancements as they are released to help keep you protected against the very real threats of cybercrime and toll fraud. We strongly advise that you download the toll fraud information sheet to understand the threats and generally ensure all your IT assets are protected. Download

How do I dial international numbers? Whats the deal?

Dialling international numbers is sometimes a bit tricky as you need to have the right prefix when dialling the desired number. You also need to have an outbound route set in your IP PBX that will allow for international numbers to be dialled. Download the international number dialling document here to get started: Download

Who cancels my old services once my new services are installed?

The onus is on the client to cancel old services directly with their old service providers.

STEP 4: Register Your Installation – Activate Extended Warranty


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