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Schedule reports and monitor expenses

A Company Without TMS Could Lose Upwards of R50K Per Annum Due to Telephone Misuse


  • Easily identify cost savings
  • Monitor spend in real time
  • Improve your staff's productivity
  • Help staff manage their personal use
  • Get e-mail alerts for misuse
  • Cloud based, access from anywhere
  • Automatic backups

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TMS Pricing

Professional 1
R 299 /mo

Base Price

R3000 ex vat Set Up Fee
R10/mo per extension
Month to Month
Includes Lan Buffer
Single Web Login
Custom Reports
Scheduled Reports
Data Back-Up

*Pricing subject to change and t&c’s apply

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Need a custom TMS package?

We can accommodate larger clients and most PBX models

DSL Telecom’s Telephone Management System works on a variety of PBX systems. It helps customers monitor the number one area of abuse in a company, the telephone system. In most cases companies that deploy TMS save an average of 30% of their annual telecom spend as the mere fact that call usage is monitored and that rules can be triggered when abuse occurs keeps employees behaviour in line.

Cloud TMS

DSL Telecom’s Telephone Management System (TMS) is an affordable & powerful cloud TMS solution.

DSL Telecom’s TMS is a web application that customers access via a normal web-browser with a username and password. The TMS software sits on a highly secure cloud environment. The software is always updated on the back-end so you are always running on the latest version and latest Telco carrier call rates. There is no-need to load any software on site and there are no tables to update as Telco vendors change their tariffs.

It is simple and easy to create customised reports, create trigger rules and create alerts. You can also put your own tariff plan into the system if you want to bill extensions in your office, guest house or hotel at your own rate. Reports can be pulled live and are always up to date.

Small Business

Small business owners often can’t afford extreme misuse of the phones and need to negate risk

Big Business

Monitoring a lot of extensions is gruelling work unless you have software to help

Multi Branch Companies

Cloud Based TMS can draw data from multiple locations making reporting easy

Government Departments

Limiting employee abuse and personal calls saves Government thousands

Security Conscious Individuals

TMS can play a role in picking up toll fraud or phone hacking quickly

Hardware required

A LAN BUFFER for each site.

Although the TMS software sits in the Cloud each premises you would like TMS to be installed at will need to install a LAN buffer. This is a small network device that is pre-configured for plug-and-play installation. This buffer will send call detail records from your phone system directly to the cloud for real time reporting.

PBX Compatibility

Cloud TMS is compatible with any PBX brand or model.

Cloud TMS can work with almost any PBX system whether you are using IP, Serial Output or FTP.

Alcatel - 4100 | 4200 | 4200E | 4400 | BCS 5200 | FDX90
Aristel - AV-8
Asterisk - GENERIC
Asterisk - Log File CDRs - v1.0 | 1.2 | v1.4 | v1.4.1 | v1.4.2 | Mysql CDR's
Avaya - Lucent Index L9.xx, TCP/IP, IP Office
Bizcall PBX
Comdial - DXP 5000
Communigate - V1.0 - 3 DIGIT EXT
Convergence - 30
Ericsson - MD 110 Format 1 | BTT 50 | Business Phone
Ericsson - Business Phone - Plessey
Fosonic - 824 | V42
GCCS - CTS SYSTEM - Version 2.1 | Version 2.2
Hymax - 32i
ISX - 200
LG - 100 | FP 2
Lucent - Definity | Definity 8.2 | Definity 8.2(sec multiplier) | Definity ECS 8.2 | Definity G351 | Euro Generos
NEC - Logitel | XN 120
Nortel - C11 | Norstar | SL1
Panasonic - 186, KX-TDA 30 | KXTA | KXTA 308 | KXTD - PID | KXTD 1232 | KXTD 1232(1 Rec - Out/Inc) | KXTD 500 | KXTD 506 | KXTD 816
Philips - (V805) | FDCR | FMXX810e | IS3000 | IS3000 (Multi-Rec Inc/Out/Int) | IS3000 (Single Rec Inc) | IS3000 810 | IS33010 | ISDX | iSwitch | Package 200 | S100 | Sopho 620 | TBX | TBX(1rec out) | V805
Plessey - ISX | K2
Samsung - DCS | DCS 7700 | DCS 816
Scopserve - 3 DIGIT EXT | 4 DIGIT EXT | Log File CDRs
Siemens - 110 | EMS 601 | EMS 80c | EMS 91e | FDCR | Hicom 118 | Hicom 130 | Hicom 150 | Hicom 300E | Hicom 3570 | Hicom FTBL | Hipath 1150 | Hipath 3550 | Hipath 3550 | Opera 1632
Teleboss - 500/2000 | Comdial | Comdial DPX
Telkom - Calypso | Calypso | Diana - Mini | Diana - Mini | Diana - Mini R 13 | Diana - Mini R 14 | Diana 3 Slot | Jupiter | Jupiter (1 Rec - Outgoing/Incoming) | Opticon
Toshiba - CTX 100
Yeastar MyPBX


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