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Neovoice SIP

Crystal Clear Calling With Liquid Telecom SIP

The highest quality converged business voice solution
from Liquid Telecom delivered over fibre or microwave

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Flexible and Scalable Voice Services for Business

Scale up your voice solution on demand with a powerful SIP based voice product

Liquid Telecom’s enterprise voice products are second to none for quality and reliability. Start off with a basic core access product Neo One at R2500.00 per month and add on your voice channels for only R300.00 per month per 10 channels as you grow with no limit to the amount of channels you can add.

  • Per Second Billing
  • No Minimum Call Charge
  • Block of Multiple Numbers
  • Add on Internet
  • Low International Call Rates
  • Low On-Network Calls
  • Keep Your Existing Number
  • 086 Access Numbers Available

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Add Blocks of 10 Voice Channels for only R300pm

Have a look at the sample pricing below or contact us for a quotation

NeoVoice Channels Set-Up Cost Monthly Price Value Added
12* R1500 R2100 FREE 10MB Internet, SLA
10 R2500 R2800 SLA included
20 R2500 R3100 SLA included
30 R2500 R3400 SLA included
40 R2500 R3700 SLA included
50 R2500 R4000 SLA included
*Prices Exclude VAT. *12 Channel special not scalable and includes 2MB Internet


Add on uncapped internet, VPN and hosting all on the same pipe

SA Destinations Business Hours After Hours Billing Increment
Liquid Telecom Local R 0.15 FREE True Per Second
Liquid Telecom Regional R 0.20 FREE True Per Second
Liquid Telecom National R 0.25 FREE True Per Second
Telkom Local R 0.30 R 0.15 True Per Second
Telkom Regional R 0.37 R 0.25 True Per Second
Telkom National R 0.40 R 0.29 True Per Second
MTN R0.85 R0.79 True Per Second
Vodacom R0.85 R0.79 True Per Second
Cell C R 0.85 R 0.79 True Per Second
8ta R 0.85 R 0.79 True Per Second
Major International Destinations Business Hours After Hours Billing Increment
Australia R 0.60 R 0.60 True Per Second
Canada R 0.53 R 0.53 True Per Second
China R 1.02 R 0.98 True Per Second
France R 0.60 R 0.60 True Per Second
Germany R 0.91 R 0.68 True Per Second
Hong Kong R1.00 R0.72 True Per Second
India R1.03 R 0.84 True Per Second
Ireland R 0.05 R 0.05 True Per Second
Israel R 0.94 R 0.84 True Per Second
Italy R 0.72 R 0.56 True Per Second
Netherlands R 0.57 R 0.48 True Per Second
New Zealand R 0.57 R 0.56 True Per Second
Sweden R 1.00 R 0.67 True Per Second
Switzerland R 0.72 R 0.63 True Per Second
United Kingdom R 0.45 R 0.45 True Per Second
United States R 0.45 R 0.45 True Per Second

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Get Toll Access Numbers From R100pm

Liquid Telecom provides full Telecom infrastructure and service

Neovoice Toll Access

Neovoice Toll Access is a non-geographic number service that provides enterprises with toll access numbers. This cost effective service enables enterprises to offer a single, differentiated telephone number, enhancing both their corporate identity and recognition with their target markets.

Toll Access services offer a number of benefits which provide solutions to flexible routing requirements in companies.

These Include:

• One Number
• Call Forwarding on busy/no answer
• Day of year routing
• Selection dependent routing
• Routing by type of day
• Simultaneous call limit
• Call queuing
• Varriated billing
• Time of day routing
• Day of week routing
• Cycle dependent routing
• Extension number based routing
• Welcome message
• Call queuing count query

Pricing: All 0800,0860 and 0861 numbers are R100 per month rental. If you want to pick your own golden number there is an additional once-off charge of R1500.00

0800 – ABC-xxx

* Includes a Toll Free service number for the enteprise
* Customers can call the number for FREE
* All charges are levied on the called number (enteprise)

0860 – ABC-xxx

* The enterprise is given a shared call service number
* Users call the enterprise at the local rate
* If the call is not actually made to a local destination the additional transit charges are borne by the enterprise (i.e. difference between local and national costs)

0861 – ABC-xxx

* The enterprise is given a Neomaxi service number
* Users call the number at the national rate
* No additional rates are borne by the enteprise


Browse the FAQ’s below or let us call you back

Can I port my numbers to Liquid Telecom?

Yes, new regulations allow you as a customer to own your number and take it with you to any network you choose. The number porting process on Liquid Telecom is quick and seamless.

How does the 12 channel voice product work?

Liquid Telecom currently has a bundle offer where you can bolt on 12 channels of voice to any Neobroadband product for only R500 per month.

How is the service delivered?

The service is delivered last mile to the customer premises via fibre or microwave. The quality of the service remains the same regardless of the last mile termination technique.

What is the Voice Quality Like?

Liquid Telecom over allocates bandwidth on all it’s voice products to ensure superb voice clarity. The enterprise SIP delivers voice at a better quality than even traditional landlines.

Do I need an IP-PBX to use the Neovoice product?

It is always better to use a Liquid Telecom certified IP-PBX when using Liquid Telecom SIP products. If you have a legacy PBX system then a gateway can also be installed to make the connection.

Can I combine internet with the voice service?

Yes, Liquid Telecoms offerings are truly converged and it makes financial sense to add internet onto your voice solution and have all services through a single pipe and single provider.

Our customers include professional companies across multiple industry sectors in South Africa


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