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Fibre-To-The Home (FTTH)

    Stable, fast & reliable fibre internet

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Vox Telecom Offers Uncapped & Capped Fibre Internet Options With Tons Of Extra Value

Vox Telecom has launched its fibre-to-the-home services in a number of areas within South Africa. Choose between uncapped pro fibre, uncapped basic fibre or capped fibre packages. Vox Telecom’s fibre packages deliver unmatched value and reliability. DSL Telecom is an authorised Vox Telecom Reseller.

  • Capped & Uncapped Fibre Options
  • Premium Grade Fat Pipe Data
  • Unshaped Data
  • Uncapped Voice Options
  • Low Latency
  • Free Wi-Fi Fibre Router
  • Self-Manage Using Vox Telecom App
  • 24/7 Support

Pick Your Fibre Internet Package

Choose between uncapped pro fibre, uncapped basic fibre, or capped fibre packages


Sign up this month and qualify for FREE standard installation, FREE activation of your Vox fibre line, PLUS a FREE Wi-Fi router! You save R2733!

Basic package includes:

  • Fibre Line Rental
  • Uncapped Data
  • FREE Wi-Fi Router

Mobile users: Swipe left on the table to see pricing.

Download/Upload Speed Data Package Included Extra Value Monthly Price
10/2Mbps Uncapped Free WiFi Router R599.00
10/10Mbps Uncapped Free WiFi Router R679.00
20/2Mbps Uncapped Free WiFi Router R785.00
20/20Mbps Uncapped Free WiFi Router R836.00
50/5Mbps Uncapped Free WiFi Router R936.00
50/50Mbps Uncapped Free WiFi Router R1037.00
100/10Mbps Uncapped Free WiFi Router R1138.00
100/100Mbps Uncapped Free WiFi Router R1239.00
200/20Mbps Uncapped Free WiFi Router R1340.00
200/200Mbps Uncapped Free WiFi Router R1440.00

*Prices Include Vat


Uncapped fibre on a month-month contract with a minimum commitment of 12 months. Should the package be cancelled within the first 12 months you will be charged for the once-off installation fees as a cancellation penalty. Thereafter the package can be cancelled with 30 days’ notice and R0 penalty.

Pro package includes:

  • Fibre Line Rental
  • Uncapped Data
  • Uncapped Voice Calling
  • FREE Vobi Softphone
  • FREE Wi-Fi Router
  • FREE 1GB Mobile Data

Mobile users: Swipe left on the table to see pricing.

Pro Uncapped Download/Upload Speed Included Voice Package Included Extra Value Monthly Price
10/2Mbps Uncapped Voice + Vobi Softphone Free Wi-Fi Router + 1GB Mobile Data R849.00
10/10Mbps Uncapped Voice + Vobi Softphone Free Wi-Fi Router + 1GB Mobile Data R929.00
20/2Mbps Uncapped Voice + Vobi Softphone Free Wi-Fi Router + 1GB Mobile Data R1035.00
20/20Mbps Uncapped Voice + Vobi Softphone Free Wi-Fi Router + 1GB Mobile Data R1086.00
50/5Mbps Uncapped Voice + Vobi Softphone Free Wi-Fi Router + 1GB Mobile Data R1186.00
50/50Mbps Uncapped Voice + Vobi Softphone Free Wi-Fi Router + 1GB Mobile Data R1287.00
100/10Mbps Uncapped Voice + Vobi Softphone Free Wi-Fi Router + 1GB Mobile Data R1388.00
100/100Mbps Uncapped Voice + Vobi Softphone Free Wi-Fi Router + 1GB Mobile Data R1489.00
200/20Mbps Uncapped Voice + Vobi Softphone Free Wi-Fi Router + 1GB Mobile Data R1590.00
200/200Mbps Uncapped Voice + Vobi Softphone Free Wi-Fi Router + 1GB Mobile Data R1690.00

*Prices Include Vat

Still Have Questions About FTTH?

Run through the FAQ’s below or call us on 087 802 0917 and chat to our sales team

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the Vox FTTH contracts?

All Vox Telecom FTTH packages are on a month-month contract basis.

Contract terms may be longer on Basic uncapped and Capped packages if you have chosen to amortise the installation fee over 12 or 24 months.

Is there an installation fee?

Pro uncapped packages have no installation fee however they do have a minimum commitment of 12 months. If the contract is cancelled within the 12-month commitment term, there is a R2733 including vat cancellation fee. If you cancel after the 12-month term, then you need to provide 30 days’ notice and there is no cancellation fee applicable.

Basic uncapped and Capped packages have a once-off installation fee of R2733 including vat on month to month packages this installation fee is waved on a 24 month contract.

Can I use my existing router?

Vox Telecom will provide a high-end WIFI fibre router with the installation allowing you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot in your home or small business so there is no need to provide your own.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my FTTH package?

You may upgrade or downgrade at any time, but please note that the upgrade action may attract a small upgrade fee. Downgrades within contract term will result in a penalty payable. Cancellations on the fibre line are dependent on the contract terms agreed to with Vox Telecom and requires at least one calendar months’ notice.

Does my unused data roll-over to the next month?

On the Capped package you will have 6-month data rollover i.e. data rolls over to a maximum of 6 times the base cap. On the uncapped packages you don’t need to worry about data roll-over .

How do I top up my data bundle should I run out?

On Capped packages you can easily purchase top-ups via the Vox Telecom Application for Android and Apple on your smartphone or via the Vox Telecom website. Alternatively, you can call the 24/7 Vox Telecom support centre.

What if I move premises can I take my Fibre line with me?

Vox FTTH is a fixed premises based internet solution so you will not be able to transfer the service unless the new premises that you are moving into is also covered for the Vox FTTH service.

What if I require a telephone line service as well?

Pro uncapped fibre comes with an uncapped voice service so you can make as many calls you want at no extra cost. The capped package comes with a VoIP telephone number so you can port your old analogue telephone number to the Vox network and take advantage of the low Vox telecom call rates while keeping your existing number.

What if I cancel my FTTH package?

If you are on a month to month contract you need to provide Vox Telecom with 30 days’ notice. If you are on a contract or commitment package an early cancellation fee may be applicable.

Do I need to have a Telkom analogue line in order to get the Fibre service?

No copper fixed line is needed at all. If you want to keep your old telephone number, then we can port this number to the Vox network and you can take advantage of the voice packages included in most of the fibre bundles.

What is fibre-to-the-home FTTH?

Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) refers to a fibre optic strand that is linked directly to your home. It is a thin strand of glass used to transmit beams of light that carry unbelievable amounts of data. This data is then used to deliver high-speed internet, video, TV, security and voice services.

How does fibre differ from ADSL?

ADSL runs over existing copper wire infrastructure which is often unreliable, heavily contended and offers average speeds of around 4mbps. Fibre, on the other hand, transmits information as light impulses along flexible glass fibres at incredible speed, allowing users to achieve speeds of up to 1000mbps.

Why Vox Telecom FTTH?

Vox Telecom partners with 3 of the main FTTH wholesale networks in SA (Telkom Wholesale, VumaTel and Frog foot) which provides Vox with a large customer reach and fibre redundancies across multiple fibre networks. Vox is also highly regarded for their customer service, competitive packages and world class voice network.

Do I need an analogue voice line/number from Telkom to get FTTH?

No. Fibre runs completely independently of your traditional voice line.

What does the Installation process look like?

The installation of your FTTH package from Vox Telecom follows 5 basic steps, so please prepare yourself for the following interactions:

1) SITE ASSESMENT: The contractor assigned by Vox Telecom (Telkom Wholesale, VumaTel, or FrogFoot) will come to your premises to do a site assessment. Based on this assessment a couple of scenarios could arise:
• The site is accessible and they then pull through the fibre into your home and terminate a point on your wall of your home.
• The site is accessible but there are not enough fibre splitters at the exchange so the contractor will need to go back to the network to get the exchange sorted out before they can come back to pull the fibre through into your home. This could take multiple visits and does cause delays.
• The site is inaccessible due to lack of infrastructure from the NETWORK side. This would mean the contractor needs to go back to the service provider/network to make additional external infrastructure (conduit, points, piping etc.) available before they can proceed to pull the fibre into your home.
• The site is inaccessible due to lack of infrastructure on the CUSTOMER side. In these cases, if the infrastructure required is minimal the contractor may provide the infrastructure (usually conduit – i.e. a route into the client’s premises for the fibre cable) or in some major cases the customer will be required to get their own contractor/electrician to provide the internal infrastructure needed (conduit or access routes within the private premises.) This is where the biggest delays can occur as the home owner is responsible for finding their own contractor/electrician and for the costs for the work required within the client’s private premises. Only once this has been done can the network contractor come back and pull the fibre through into the client’s home.

2) FTTH TERMINATION HARDWARE: Once the initial contractor has been able to pull the fibre into your home and put a physical point on your wall then the network needs to provide network termination hardware (i.e. a small box on the wall in the home). This equipment can be installed by the original contractor or sometimes someone else needs to come out to put the termination equipment on the wall.

3) NETWORK TESTING & HANDOVER (NETWORK SIDE): Once the contractor has installed the termination equipment the project is handed over to the Network for testing which may take a few days.

4) CPE (CUSTOMER PREMISES EQUIPMENT) SENT TO LOCAL VOX OFFICE: On successful testing of the fibre link Vox Telecom Head Office will then send out the customer equipment (Wi-Fi Router and other package elements) to the nearest Vox Telecom office.

5) CPE (CUSTOMER PREMISES EQUIPMENT) INSTALLATION AT CLIENTS SITE: A Vox Telecom technician will then contact the client to arrange installation of the CPE (customer premises equipment) and the client will be up and running on their new fibre link.

How long does the process take once I submit my application form?

FTTH applications take +/- 6-8 weeks (but we have seen them as quick as 3-4 weeks) so please ensure you get your paperwork in with the correct supporting documentation early.

Top tips to ensure speedy installation:

1) Make sure any Vox Telecom accounts you may have are paid up (including fixed line accounts on Telkom’s side) otherwise Vox Telecom will not process new applications.
2) Ensure your application form is filled in accurately and legibly and the correct supporting documents. If you are in a PLANNED fibre area, then there is no time-frame for installation but we suggest doing the paperwork now so you can be first in line when the fibre is live.

When does number porting happen?

Most often porting of your old Telkom analogue number will take place after the Vox installation has been done at the client premises. Vox Telecom will always provision an 087 telephone number for the client as default. You will need to contact DSL telecom with a porting instruction as this process does not happen automatically.

Who do I contact to port my Telkom number to Vox?

If you do require your Telkom number to be ported over to the Vox Network, please log a ticket to and we will arrange the port for you. You will need to provide us with the following documents:

1) Copy of your latest Telkom phone bill (showing the line number you want ported and account number)
2) You need to complete the porting request document, download it HERE

How long does porting take?

Porting takes between 10 and 15 working days from the date that the completed document has been received by DSL Telecom.

What happens to the original 087 number that Vox Telecom gave me after porting?

The temporary 087 number will fall away and you will be able to make and receive calls using your original 021, 011, 012 etc. number with your Vox Vobi Softphone or Vox Supafone.

How do I monitor my Fibre data usage?

You can monitor your usage via the Vox Telecom app by downloading in Apple or Android store:

Apple Store:
Android Store:

You can also log into the customer area on the Vox Telecom website:

How do I top up my Fibre data bundle?

You can monitor top up your data via the Vox Telecom app by downloading in Apple or Android store:

Apple Store:
Android Store:

You can also log into the customer area on the Vox Telecom website:

How does Vox Telecom billing work?

Monthly subscriptions are billed in advance while set up fees and top-ups are billed in arrears.

Example: If your invoice date is the 1st March, Vox will add to that invoice your full package subscription cost covering the upfront period (01 March – 31 March).

Your first bill will also include a pro-rated period of billing from when the fibre was activated up until the next billing run where your full subscription will be added so your first bill may look a lot higher than your base package cost as it may include a pro-rated billing portion from the previous period.

What date does my data reset?

Data resets on the 1st of each month. Capped packages have 6-month data rollover to a maximum of 6 times the base cap of your package.

What are the Vox Telecom support numbers?

Consumer Support: 087 805 0530 | Business Support: 087 805 0500 |

For sales enquiries please contact DSL Telecom (authorised Vox Telecom Reseller) on 087 802 0917 or

How do I sign up for FTTH?

To sign up for FTTH you need to follow these easy steps:

1. Fill in your details on the quick application FORM HERE
2. Once we receive your quick form details we will create a COF (customer order form) on the Vox Telecom system and send through for your signature
3. Send us the signed COF back along with your supporting documentation
4. We will process the deal and schedule your fibre installation

Proof of address explained?

Proof of address must be residential street address (NOT PO BOX) and must not be older than 3 months and usually the following will suffice:

• Utility Bill (Rates, Water & Electricity, Telephone account, cell phone account, internet account or any account stating your physical address for proof of residence)
• Lease agreement (not older than 3 months)

In cases where you cannot provide a proof of physical address then you will need to go to the local police station and request a signed affidavit stating your place of residence and address. The process is usually quite quick at the police station and takes about 10 minutes.

What supporting documents are required if I sign up in my personal (consumer) capacity?

The documents we require:

1. Copy of ID (Does not need to be certified)
2. Proof of Physical Address - Not older than 3 Months.
3. Proof of income (3 Months bank statements or letter from bank confirming account is in good standing)

Send the documents to or Fax 086 582 9038

What supporting documents are required if I sign up in my business capacity?

The documents we require:

1. Company Registration Documents
2. Copy of Director's ID (Does not need to be certified)
3. Proof of Physical Address (Director or Business) - Not Older than 3 Months.
4. Company Letterhead

Send the documents to or Fax 086 582 9038

Bank statements explained?

Bank statements need to be for the latest 3 months and the following should be noted:

1) Internet statements are NOT accepted
2) Statements that are e-mailed to you by your bank or sent to you via post are accepted.
3) The statement dates need to be as recent as possible. For example, if you submit an application on the 15th March then Dec, Jan and Feb statements should be fine. However, if you submit your application after the 21st march then there is a chance that Vox Telecom will view the Dec, Jan and FEB statements as ‘too old’. In that case you will need to wait for your next statement from your bank and apply immediately after that or you can go down to the bank and get 3 months’ statements from the date you’re in the bank. Sometimes it is safer to just go into the bank and get the latest.

If for some reason you cannot or do not want to submit your bank statements, then a letter from your bank indicating that the account is in good standing should suffice. Just ensure this document isn’t older than 7 days when you submit it to us for processing.

Can I use a 3rd party for payments?

If you want to sign up for a Vox Telecom FTTH but would like another party to pay for the service, you will need to do the following:

If the 3rd party payer is a consumer: You will need to supply a copy of the person who’s bank account will be paying for the service as well as a letter from that person giving you authority to use their bank account for the specified Vox Telecom service payment.

If the 3rd party payer is a business: You will need to supply a copy of the company registration document for the company who’s bank account will be paying for the service as well as a letter from that company (a person who is duly authorized to do so) giving you authority to use their bank account for the specified Telkom mobile service payment.

Who do I send my application form and documents to?

Please send your signed customer order form (COF) and supporting documents to DSL Telecom who will process the entire application for you.

• E-mail:
• Fax: 086 582 9038
• Document Drop-Off: You can drop your documents off at our offices. Head Office is located on the corner of Huising & Caledon Street, Somerset West, 7130. Please call before-hand.

For anything else please Call: 087 802 0917

What hardware comes with the Fibre packages?

Vox Telecom will provide the client with a high-end 4-port Wi-Fi router with which the client can set-up their own Wi-Fi hotspot in their home or businesss.

Do you supply internal WiFi Boosting Access Points or AP’s?

If you have a large premises or home and need to extend the WiFi across large areas the best solution is always a cabled AP (Access Point Solution). We use Ubiquiti AP’s which plug into one of the LAN/Ethernet ports in the back of your router with a cable. The cable is then run from the router (normally through the roof etc.) to the area you desire the WiFi coverage. The AP is then attached to the ceiling similar to how a light fixture is fitted. You can run multiple AP’s form your router, if you require more than 4 AP’s then a network switch can be used to add more. View more info on the product here . Speak to us for pricing and a solution quotation for WiFi should you require it.

Do you supply VoIP hardware?

Yes, DSL Telecom can provide you with 2 options when it comes to voice:

1) We can provide you with a VoIP enabled phone, either cordless, desktop or even a softphone for your PC. See all our phones here:
2) You can sign up for a Cloud PBX extension and get full PBX functionality for a low monthly cost. Use an IP phone or use the softphone client as your device to make and receive low cost calls. See the Cloud PBX options here:



"My best choice of late was to go with FTTH / VoIP with Vox (via DSL Telecom). The DSL (and Vox) 1 to 1 service and support has been outstanding, and the package is loaded with benefits that outstrip the rest. The data service and line speed has also been flawless."

"A one stop shop for internet, voice and support. You can actually ring and speak to a person without holding for hours AND they can normally solve the problem on the spot. In short, great service and great value, a winning combination."


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