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Business Opportunity


DSL Telecom is a fast growing Telecoms vendor. We are currently expanding our national footprint and offering opportunities for dynamic individuals to become part of the multi-billion Rand Telecommunication Industry.

DSL Telecom offers a wide range of IP-PBX, Voice, Internet and Cloud Applications to the SME market. These services are vital monthly subscription services generating subscription revenue, not only once off sales income. There are over 3.2 million small businesses in South Africa and they all need these services to conduct business. DSL Telecom assists qualified entrepreneurs to enter into the fast growing business IP-PBX and VoIP Market. You will benefit from a successful business system that will give you all the tools you will need to start, grow and succeed in this marketplace. DSL Telecom leverages its partnerships with the world’s premium hardware, software and connectivity providers to provide a robust comprehensive business offering, helping you to maximise your profits and compete with the big guys. Using our proven business system you will be able to offer an advanced competitive service from day one.

We are only offering this opportunity to serious qualified prospects in certain geographical areas. We have a limited amount of areas and we want committed individuals to build a national customer base.

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  • Earn Multiple Recurring Revenue Streams
  • Strong Support and Ongoing Training
  • Automated Systems and Customer Management
  • Huge Customer Demand
  • Fastest Growing Industry

DSL Telecom Info Pack: Download


  • Full Initial Training
  • Lead Generation
  • DSL Telecom Area Licence
  • CRM System Software Licence
  • Online Store Agent Access
  • DSL Telecom Installers Licence and Certification
  • Rights for use of the DSL Telecom Brand
  • Access to DSL Telecom CI

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Opportunities Explained

DSL Telecom offers two types of operating licences depending on your appetite for success. DSL Telecom Connect is a Sales only license while DSL Telecom Agency is a Sales, Installation & Support License. Please refer to the latest info pack to help try decide which opportunity is for you.


DSL Telecom has identified multiple viable territories where a DSL Telecom Connect or a DSL Telecom Agency can exist. These area designations are primarily so that customers can find you via our multiple lead generation websites. We do not limit the area that you can market the services in. This is limited only by your ambition. For example: If you own DSL Telecom Sandton Agency and a Sandton based customer gets to our website looking for a new product, they will scroll through the drop down list and pick Sandton. That hot lead will then automatically be sent to you. If Sandton were to get their own lead/customer from JHB South for example they would still be able to go fulfill that deal. The area designation is only so customers can find their local DSL Telecom business partner and so that you can be allocated leads correctly from the websites.


We believe in doing it right. Once. If there is a repetitive task or margin for human error we automate that task making your life easier. We have developed intuitive CRM systems, automated mail merge campaigns and training videos on everything. Customer needs to know how to check their voicemail, transfer a call or change their music on hold? Easy, they watch the customer training videos on the customer zone at


A DSL Telecom Connect (Sales License Only) commands an upfront investment of R37, 000.00 (Ex VAT). The Full DSL Telecom Agency (Sales, Installation & Support License) commands an upfront investment amount of R125, 000.00 (Ex Vat). Both include the initial 4 day training session in Cape Town but excludes travel and accommodation so please budget over and above the initial fee to accommodate that expense. Please see the info pack/disclosure document for more in-depth financial analysis. Please note certain minimum requirements would need to have to be met in order to qualify for either opportunity.


A DSL Telecom Connect partner can always upgrade at any stage to a full DSL Telecom Agency license by paying in the difference between the two license fees. Please note that certain minimum criteria must be met to qualify for a full license and it is subject to area availability.

Brand Management Fee

DSL Telecom Connect: A monthly Brand Management Fee (BMF) of R2500.00 is payable to DSL Telecom Head Office.

DSL Telecom Agency: A monthly Brand Management Fee (BMF) of R3500.00 is payable to DSL Telecom Head Office. The BMF fee is similar to a royalty fee but differs in the fact that it is capped at a fixed amount. The benefit is that the fee does not increase as your turnover increases. The fee initiates the following month after the applicable initial training session and is billed upfront on the 1st of the month.

Stock Holding

DSL Telecom Connect partners do not need to hold stock although it is advisable to hold a few basic items to be able to service customers quickly, especially as your cash flow improves. When you have concluded a deal with a customer you can order the stock from our website and it will be couriered to you. For larger PBX deals the customer order would be handed over to a DSL Telecom Agency who would then order the equipment and arrange installation. There is a +/-48hr lead time until it is delivered to you.

Lead Generation

DSL Telecom employs advanced online lead generation techniques including PPC advertising (Pay-Per Click) SEO (Search engine optimization), E-mail marketing, Social marketing and Re-marketing. Our goal is to own the Telecoms space online. All our national partners contribute via a monthly lead generation fee to a collective pool of funds that make up the national online lead generation engine fund allowing us to dominate the space with our collective national financial clout. We currently generate on average between 15 and 30 leads per month area dependent and we are continuously innovating in this space to increase the quantity and quality of new leads and the conversion of those leads into customers.


DSL Telecom is a Managed Services Provider with a strong focus on Telecoms. We offer a skilled consultancy to the SME market and sell a range of tested and reliable IP based telephone systems. These systems are fast replacing analogue telephone systems for businesses and the market is switching to our new technology as we speak. This market, along with Voice, Internet and Cloud Services will offer unbelievable growth for the next 5 years so the time is now to capture the business as the market shifts. Visit for more product info.


DSL Telecom is a wholesale partner of Vox Telecom, Neotel, Telkom, and ZOHO. This allows us to sell and market the top of the range Voice, Internet and Cloud products to our customer base. The IP-PBX gets you in with the customer, service level agreements ensured you are paid every month and then you sell your customer internet, voice and cloud products of which you make a monthly commission every time their monthly subscription goes off. This dramatically increases your annuity revenue and makes the customer sticky. Provide them with great service and they will stay with you forever.

Customer Experience

As custodians of the brand we take it upon ourselves to manage the customer experience and make sure the experience with DSL Telecom is a great one. The customer experience is a sum of many parts each of which needs to be executed well: awareness, discovery, attraction, interaction, purchase, use, cultivation and advocacy. We have dissected each area, eliminated the clutter and added value. We make it easy for you to provide exceptional service to your customer base.


In DSL Telecom Connect there is no need for a team unless your goal is to grow a sales force larger than just yourself. If your goal is for a full DSL Telecom Agency however you will need to have the ability and desire to build a team. Sales people to bring in the customers (Create Revenue), external technicians to install the products (Solidify revenue) and internal technicians to service customers (Maintain the revenue).


DSL Telecom Connect partners do not need a physical premises and the opportunity is designed for you to work from a home office and go out to market, meet up and sign up clients. DSL Telecom Agency partners are required to have a business park type premises (a retail presence is not necessary) as this is primarily a business to business (B2B) model. This is an 8-5 business so no overtime and shifting staff. Business Park premises of around 80sqm is ideal.

Annuity Revenue and Once-Off revenue

Once off revenue is cash that is generated once-off from sales activity. This cash helps pay your expenses and also equates to profit at the end of the month. DSL Telecom products command a high once off sales revenue putting you in the green from day 1. Each product also has a long-tail recurring income stream which builds up over time and once substantial helps drive your business to new heights. Annuity is where the money is for you the business owner as only with annuity revenue can you design the life you want to live and join the new rich. Annuity revenue pays you every single month before you open your doors to your business regardless of the new sales you do for that month. In 3 years’ time you can earn +R100,000.00 per month as you wake up in bed on the 1st of each month. Freedom.


The business is built around freedom of lifestyle. 8-5 business hours. Mon-Fri. Ability to deal with Professional customers (They treat you right, pay you on time and understand our value proposition). Cutting edge technology keeps it interesting. Business park premises keeps it safe. Task automation frees your time and Annuity Revenue pays you over and over. Live the life you want to live. We will show you how to put the building blocks in place.

Tools + Systems

Our strength comes from intelligent tools and systems. We provide you with an advanced CRM (customer relationship management) tool which each business partner has access to. This helps manage your sales pipeline to ensure more deals are won. Quoting, invoicing and product provisioning systems streamline processes making your life easy.


DSL Telecom Agents provide 1st level support to their direct and indirect customers in their areas. DSL Telecom Head Office provides support to our business partners and 2nd level support to customers. The beauty about the new IP Technology is that no matter where you are or your customers are, we can log in over the internet and provision, troubleshoot problems and manage all aspects of the IP-PBX systems Phones, Internet, Cloud or whatever service they may have. We have installed as far as Angola and probably a company near you. Our IP PBX systems can also be pre-provisioned off-site in the comfort of your own office so when you get to your installation at the customer’s premises it is literally plug and play.

What People Say

I like the fact there are adequate support structures, not to mention the online business leads that keep coming in.

Andrew McGhee
Owner, DSL Telecom Sandton

Thank you so much for the training, it was very, very interesting!

Johan Heynes
Owner, DSL Telecom PE


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