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ADSL/VDSL Fat Pipe Internet

    Cost Effective ADSL/VDSL Internet

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High Quality ADSL/VDSL Internet For Home Or Business Use

Unshaped Data

Highly Prioritised Access Accounts for ADSL and VDSL

Unlimited Roll-Over

Roll-over 6 x your monthly subscribed cap


Quality Network

Vox Telecom was rated the No 1 ISP in South Africa by consumers

Month to Month

Upgrade and Downgrade your data package as you like with month to month contracts

Pick Your DSL Line Speed

Line speeds are exchange dependent

Mobile users: Swipe left on the table to see pricing.

Access Speeds Monthly Subscription Recommended Use Technology
Up to 2Mbps R165.00 Home ADSL
Up to 4Mbps R299.00 Home Office ADSL
Up to 10Mbps R425.00 Business | Gaming ADSL
Up to 20Mbps R499.00 Business | Pro-User VDSL
Up to 40Mbps R599.00 Business | Pro-User VDSL



FREE data included from midnight to 6am for EVERYBODY, EVERYDAY!


Pick Your ADSL/VDSL Data Package

Fat Pipe is a recommended best seller but uncapped options are also available

Mobile users: Swipe left on the table to see pricing.

Package Monthly Subscription Top-up Price Network
100GB R79.00 R5 per gig Vox Telecom Fat Pipe
200GB R159.00 R5 per gig Vox Telecom Fat Pipe
300GB R259.00 R5 per gig Vox Telecom Fat Pipe
400GB R299.00 R5 per gig Vox Telecom Fat Pipe
500GB R399.00 R5 per gig Vox Telecom Fat Pipe
600GB R499.00 R5 per gig Vox Telecom Fat Pipe
800GB R649.00 R5 per gig Vox Telecom Fat Pipe
1TB R799.00 R5 per gig Vox Telecom Fat Pipe

Pick Your ADSL/VDSL Router

Upgrade your ADSL/VDSL Router to get the best web experience

Pick Your Install Method

On Site Installation or Self-Install

Surf The Internet

Browse the FAQ’s below or contact us to discuss the right package or you

Do I need a Telkom Line?

Yes. You will need an active, post-paid analogue telephone line from Telkom. You can call them on 10210 for residential orders and 10217 for business orders.

Must I order the ADSL/VDSL line from Telkom?

No, only order the analogue line, do not order any DSL lines or bundles. We will order and provision the services for you once you can supply us with an analogue Telkom number.

I already have ADSL/VDSL with another provider can I switch?

Yes you can transfer your ADSL/VDSL line service over to Vox Telecom. We will ensure a seamless transfer from Telkom or any other provider. The ADSL/VDSL data can also be switched easily and we can provide you with a new ADSL/VDSL Data account (username and password) within minutes and assist in programming the account into your existing modem.

What does unshaped data mean?

All ADSL/VDSL data is not equal. Service providers can shape the ADSL/VDSL traffic and prioritise and de-prioritise any traffic on your ADSL/VDSL account. Vox Telecom is premium quality data and is totally unshaped giving you the best possible ADSL/VDSL service in SA.

Is uncapped ADSL/VDSL better than a capped package?

Uncapped ADSL/VDSL data is convenient as you don’t need to worry about your service hitting a cap during the month, however uncapped data is normally shaped so the quality is not as good as a capped package and the service is also subject to fair usage policies and the networks will throttle your speed if you are abusing the service i.e. use too much data.

Do I need a new ADSL/VDSL router?

If you have an existing ADSL/VDSL modem and you apply for the ADSL/VDSL service then it is not necessary. It is however recommended to upgrade your router as you will have a better experience, newer modems have way faster wireless transfer speeds and handle high speed multiple device connections well. Security is also strong on the newer modem versions. If you apply for VDSL you need to ensure you have a VDSL modem to handle the higher speeds.

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